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On Saturday January 13th Bishop Gregory said Mass for John Paul. His Homily was amazing. He spoke of John Paul being an angel and he defined the word "angel" as a messenger and watchman. Bishop Gregory said that John Paul had a message to deliver. He delivered it! He delivered it through his life and his writings and even his posts on Facebook. And now... John Paul is watching over us!

My goal is to share his messages, to keep them alive. I try to do this daily on Facebook by reposting his posts. I also want to share some of his journal messages because I believe they are deeply faithful and inspirational.

From John Paul's Journal...

April 27, 2017

The sun has not come up over the ocean. The abyss of clouds have overturned it in the early morning, Thursday April 27, 2017. Every day count as something to enjoy your life and to do something good to help others. Spend time with your families once a week on a Saturday or Sunday. Use that time to make memories so you won't regret not doing it....

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