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We have always been grounded by faith.  Since the birth of our son, John Paul twenty-three years ago, our faith has grown.  The miracles bestowed on John Paul opened our heart to God's amazing grace.

John Paul lived life to the fullest. He was our gift.

We found out in June 2017 that John Paul needed a heart transplant. This news created an empty feeling in the pit of our stomach. We spoke to John Paul about his feelings and wants. He wanted to be listed. He wanted a chance to live a "normal" life and a chance to travel to all places he dreamed of. He never dwelled on the issue of having a heart transplant he was just hoping for a life with fewer limits.  

John Paul was listed on the heart transplant list on Friday August 18th and on Sunday August 20th we got word that a heart was available. 

John Paul survived for three weeks after the transplant, however he passed away on Sunday September 10th.

That empty feeling in the pit of our stomach is now constant and deep rooted. However, we have been awaken to the needs of others and the grace of God in a new way.  Our goal, through John Paul's  Foundation, is to share faith, hope, inspiration and help to families who are walking a similar path as we have. John Paul's life continues to remind us that God's presence is like oxygen - it surrounds us, always.

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