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Tyler Perry and John Paul

"You can be born into a nightmare, but God can usher you into a dream."

Tyler Perry

When I think about this quote by Tyler Perry, I think of John Paul. There wasn't supposed to be hope, yet alone life. John Paul wasn't supposed to be here, but all the doctors failed to factor in God, His Miracles and His Grace. For by His Grace, John Paul is living and sharing hope with others! John Paul may have been born into a nightmare of the unknown, but God has ushered into a incredible dream, the dream living life.

I use Tyler Perry's quote, not only because it is touching and offers insight, but because he has made dreams come true for John Paul. You see, John Paul has always been a fan of Tyler Perry and his Madea character. Well, John Paul actually got to meet Mr. Perry. The kindness he showed my son was truly amazing. He even gave John Paul a cameo role in Madea's Witness Protection and treated him like a star while filming. That's what life is all about, paying forward hope, kindness and love.

No matter the nightmare or challenges, God is with us.... always.


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