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John Paul's Journal Entry

August 6, 2017 John Paul wrote...

Parallel world in an unparalleled society... How does one live in hard time such as these? Faith? Yes! Also, being smart and minding your surroundings and the people around you. And take everyone serious not for granted.

I read this last night and really thought about it. John Paul's statement "Parallel world in an unparalleled society" was really deep for me. How do we live a parallel life, a good life and Christlike life, in a unparalleled society? A society that has so many obstacles, so many diversions, so many immoral temptations. John Paul's answer to his own question was spot on... Faith! Yes, we must rely on our deep rooted faith in God to keep us parallel. And yes, we must we mindful of our surroundings and not take anyone for granted. These insights will help us journey through our unparalleled world!

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