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Angels Among Us....

It's really amazing, just as I started to write, one of my favorite songs came on... Angels Among Us by Alabama. There have been so many angels among John Paul in his life. Really too numerous to count. Special people, making special dreams come true for him. People willing to do what they can to put that remarkable smile on John Paul's face.

The picture shows John Paul with his favorite Manchester United soccer player's jersey... Wayne Rooney. No doubt it is Wayne Rooney's personal jersey and it is signed by him. The smile was placed on John Paul's face by a very special and kind man, Michael Clayton. Michael played for the Tampa Bay Bucs and New York Giants and has written a book, Chasing My Rookie Year. However, for all his accomplishments, he loves God, his family, his faith and others. He pays forward his blessings to so many others, including John Paul. It is because of him that John Paul experienced amazing NFL games, and had the opportunity to watch Manchester United and of course score that Rooney jersey.

Angels Among Us.... Yes they wear many faces and are in different places spreading kindness and love.


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