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"Touching... Uplifting... John Paul rocks, and so does this book." 

 James Patterson, New York Times Best-selling Author

Heart of a Lion

A Story of God's Grace and a Family's Hope



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John Paul George Heart of a Lion                         Foundation


"I can't change who I am, but I can change the world as I am."

                                                                         - John Paul George


For our family, there wasn't suppose to be hope.  Our newborn son, John Paul, had been born with a half-functioning heart that was unable to pump blood throughout his tiny body. 

John Paul might have had only half a heart, but his was a heart of unbounded courage and strength.

Through John Paul, God reveals how our weakness can become our greatest strength. 

This is the story of John Paul's life, a story of grace, everyday miracles and, most of all, hope.

The next chapter begins...

John Paul George Heart of a Lion Foundation...

Although John Paul is no longer with us on earth his legacy lives on through his foundation. John Paul George Heart of a Lion Foundation will help families who have children in the hospital and those in need. John Paul always loved to help others. He was limited in what he was able to do while on earth, but now in heaven he has no limits. 

Please hit the "Donate" button to help John Paul share his #lovewithoutlimits

The song, Heart of a Lion, was composed by John Paul.

"Love without limits!"

To John Paul... "Even eternity can't break our bond!" Love, Mom and Dad.

"This is a touching and uplifting true story about a boy named John Paul, who has half a heart, but who lives with more heart and soul than just about any kid you will ever meet.  John Paul rocks, and so does this book."

James Patterson, New York Times Best-selling Author


"The story of John Paul George is absolutely amazing, just as his lfe has been.  From before he was born

to today, this young man has overcome all odds in the biggest game of all - the game of life.  John Paul's is a great story of inspiration and perseverance and one I am sure you will want to read."

Jack Nicklaus, Golf Legend


Read all about John Paul's story. He was born with half a heart but lived a life of unbounded courage and love. You will be able to feel every trial, tribulation and miracle that he has gone through. 

This is an evergreen book that you can always go back to and the story will never become tiresome.

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